Technology demonstrator

Micro-satellite – technology demonstrator TabletSat-Aurora (TabletSat-2U-EO) is designed by SPUTNIX and intended for tuning up the set of the following service systems:

  • Three-axial orientation and stabilization system (flywheels, motors-gyros, star mapper and sun sensor, magnetometer, and  angular rate sensor); TabletSat-Aurora 2014
  • Onboard GPS navigator;
  • Onboard UHF telecommand and telemetry module;
  • Onboard Pug-n-Play architecture based on SpaceWire bus;
  • Onboard X-Band transmission system;
  • LiFePO4 battery-powered supply system;
  • Experimental PCB-based AsGa solar panel.

The 2U-format craft (with the mass of about 25 kg) will be launched in mid of 2014.

The spacecraft will be fitted with panchromatic photo- and video- camera operating in 430 – 950 µm spectral band as the primary payload to perform imagery of Earth surface with the following specifications:

  • Nadir resolution (pixel projection): 15 m;
  • Swath width 47 km;
  • Number of D/A bits: 12.